Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scrapbooking. . . four year old fashion

We found this idea on the Lesson Pathways website, and we love it! Their idea was based around the letter of the week, and at the end of the week have your child cut out pictures that start with that letter and paste those pictures in a "scrapbook". Well, we turned the letter of the week into the letter of the day and rather than cutting out magazine pictures (or printing them) we do a small craft each day. Crawfish Pie already knows her ABC's, but gets the "b" and "d" confused as well as the "u" and "n" so this is a good review for her. I also make a tracer sheet on the Kid Zone website for each letter of the day to start working on handwriting skills. I keep the tracer sheets in my curriculum binder, and Crawfish Pie keeps her projects in her scrapbook. The scrapbook is something that a proud Crawfish Pie shows Daddy with excitement every night when he gets home from work, she absolutely loves seeing her work in a book! Here is the beginning of her Alphabet Scrapbook.

I printed a very large A and punched holes all the way around so she could lace with the yarn

B is for Butterfly! We used coffee filters and pipe cleaners to make ours.

Left page was for words that used the hard C sound. One piece of tape along the top of each picture allows her to flip through several pictures on one page. The page on the right was for words that used the soft C sound. 

I cut out Diamond shapes, and emptied the hole puncher for Dots. Crawfish Pie played with her shapes all morning before we glued some of them in the book. She kept most of the diamonds to play with. 

E is for Elephant! A paper plate made for a great elephant face along with an online template for ears and a trunk. Most mothers have probably guessed already that my house was NOT quiet this day!

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