Friday, September 3, 2010

Homeschool Week 1: Alphabet Activities

We have successfully completed our first full week of home school! Though it didn't go quite as I had planned, it went very well. Perhaps even better than I had planned! I started Alexis on pre-k Language Arts, which is perfect for her right now. She absolutely loves anything ABC oriented and it is good practice since she still gets mixed up on the letters that look the same (like "n" and "u"). However, I don't see her paying attention to the "letter of the week" lessons that are supposed to start next week. A letter of the day may be more suited for her level. We also started on kindergarten Reading/Phonics, and this is where my troubles really began. My child does not recognize "sight words". . . she reads them. She sounds out the letters of the word and can determine what the word is without ever seeing a picture. Of course, it is usually the simple words although she was able to figure out "dinosaur". We blew through almost the whole week of Phonics in one day, all stuff she already knew or easily picks up on. So, now we have no curriculum to follow.  I will still use Lesson Pathways, but I will have to speed up the pace, skip sections, and add lessons to it. Still, I am optimistic about homeschooling, even though my kid will outsmart me soon. I really will be dumber than a fifth grader, LOL! Here are some pictures of her fabulous Alphabet Activities.

Airplane Banner (Uppercase Letters)

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

A is for Air Conditioner! Can you see the excitement?
Dining Room (please excuse the reconstruction in the bathroom)
Jump Rope ~ this game was tons of fun!
Q ~ because she is "Queen of the World" when she is up there.

Alphabet Caterpillar (Lowercase)

Alphabet Pathway

We live on a dead end road, so we used the whole thing!

Alexis called it her ABC hopscotch. 
You had to jump to a letter and then name it, we also did the letter sounds

All of the activities are in the Lesson Pathways curriculum for pre-k Language Arts. We also made letters out of play-dough and went to the library to read their ABC books. It was great practice, and it was a good way to ease into homeschooling. Next week, I will have a new curriculum and hopefully find lots of cool games to play that help keep the lessons fun!

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  1. She sounds like my son!!! Our Letter of the Week turned into Letter of the Day too! And we're blasting through our phonics curriculum in record time. These smarty pants kids will for sure keep us on our toes ;-)