Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Built Louisiana Tough!

Often I hear, "things aren't made like they used to be". With prices rising on raw materials, and cheaper alternatives being continuously added to the market, it really is no surprise that quality has gone down the drain. There has been no experience in my life that has shown me the value of the good ole days, quite like having a large portion of a tree fall on our old house. Here in hurricane country, trees on houses are not out of the ordinary. Blue tarps are like some sort of symbol that memorializes the struggles that families in our area have suffered. I have seen many a tree or tree limb do serious damage to property, and have somehow decided that I am able to gauge the destructive capabilities of such trees. When I saw the size of the branch that fell on our house, I just knew it was a total loss.  Much to our amazement, we have a hole in our bathroom ceiling, another hole in the bathroom wall, and some damage to the back porch. The majority of the weight lay solely on the kitchen, which was built before kitchens were attached to houses (it was later moved and attached to the dining room). It was a slave kitchen, and it saved our lives! Had the roof given under the pressure of the tree, the heaviest part of the limb would have landed in our laps as we watched t.v. that night. We are forever grateful to the solid wood, blood, sweat, and tears that built that kitchen. I have seen more damage done to houses with much smaller branches, but those houses don't have the history that our house has. The shed (seen with the red wagon) was actually "the maid's" room. Her name was Buella, and she worked in the kitchen that saved our lives. I believe her spirit held the tree up. Don't mess with a southern woman's kitchen! The bathroom was the last room to be added to the house. It is a young room and it was crappy from the start. Built in a hurry, it has no history, no love in its walls. It received the most damage even though it was farthest away for the tree. Go figure. Things aren't made like they used to be.
we were sitting in the room directly below this monster when it fell


  1. You and your family were very lucky! I hope your insurance will cover the damage and can remove the tree.


  2. Well I am still trying to learn how to get message posted. sigh.. technology baffles me sometimes... : )

  3. wow!! look at that!!! I'm so glad you were all ok! amazing...

    visiting from the homeschool hop.

  4. So glad you are okay. I love the history of your house to.

    Visiting from the Homeschool Hop.