Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday! What a long week this has been, and we barely got any school work done. We'll just chalk this one up to a bad week and work harder next week.

  • Monday: Labor Day:  Daddy was home so we took the day off too.
  • Tuesday: Library Day! we read plenty of books and brought some home too! I love our library!
  • Wednesday: seriously, there was something strange in the air that day. Alexis was plagued with the inability to focus or sit still, which made school work extremely difficult. 
  • Thursday: Doctors appointment. . . ALL DAY!!!! the day was almost completely wasted between the hour long commute there, the FIVE hours actually at the hospital, and the hour drive back home. Thank goodness we brought three sets of flash cards with us, they kept her occupied (somewhat) and will count as our school work for the day.
  • Friday: Babysitting Day: I loved every second of it! Alexis had fun with friends, and I got to spend my morning with amazing kids and the afternoon with an amazing woman. Couldn't ask for a better day. Lessons of the day: patience, sharing, and helping others! That counts as a school day, right?

Next week we plan on applying a little more focus to our lesson plans. Wish us luck! 

A few questions for all the homeschooling mommies out there: (just wondering what works for you)
  1. Do you plan your curriculum around doctors appointments, or specifically ask for appointment times that will not interfere with your lessons?
  2. Do library days count as a school day in your house? How often do you go to the library, and when you are there is it free learning time or structured to match you lessons for that week? 
  3. How much emphasis do you put on "life lessons", and do you use those lessons as curriculum or just magnify them when the opportunity arises?


  1. Wow it really sounds like you got everything together. I love the structure!

  2. So glad to have gotten your email through the homeschooling toddlers through kindergarten group. I think you're an awesome mother after reading this. I hope this week is better for you.

    1.) I use an online curriculum (my boys are only 3.5 and 15 months). It is spelled out for every typically "school day" by date. So far for the month of Sept we didn't finish everything for Sept 3 because my husband came home early. Try as I may we didn't get it finished over the long weekend because they wanted to just play with daddy. So I looked through to see what had to be done in order to be able to go on and we started with that on Tuesday. On Thursday we went up to a new art class and then met my husband at a park near his work for lunch. We got nothing done that day. So by Friday we were way behind and we're at a point where stuff is really depending on the other. I just asked my son the questions on the sheet instead of making him do it himself and since Friday was all about smelling we've spent the weekend so far sniffing stuff. I think he has 2 worksheets of As that he didn't trace but I don't think in the long run it will hurt him. So all of this to say I just look ahead and see what needs to happen or look at the days work and decide what I think he really has to do.

    2.) When we go to the library it's either for a story time or to pick up books. We don't spend a ton of time there because my boys are not very calm. So I don't count it as school time yet.

    3.) Life lessons are important but education isn't about just one area it's about all areas. So go with it as they arise, fit them in when they fit in, and just teach your child to be as wonderful as you are through everything.

    By the way, I chose to post as anonymous only because it was the easiest one. My name is Kerri and my email is