Our Family

Meet the Family

26 years old
Stay at home mom

30 years old
Bread Winner

Crawfish Pie
4 years old
future doctor and gymnast

 Mom is graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, with a B.S. in Kinesiology concentrating in Exercise Science and also has a minor in Biology. Dad is the bread winner of the family, working whatever hours the sun will provide him. Crawfish Pie made her world debut in 2006 and has had center stage all to herself ever since.


  1. For all newcomers to Crawfish Pie...as a friend of the family I would like to add that Michelle & Jimmy are two of the best parents I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Michelle uses every breath to make every moment an educational (and FUN) moment for Alexis & frequently does the same for my kids. She manages her munchkin with the patience, grace, and love that every mother should strive for. :)

  2. I've enjoyed visiting your blog. I've signed up as a follower and look forward to your updates. The list of homeschool resources is really helpful- thanks!