Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Stumbled for the First Time Today

 I am not talking about cleverly catching your self just before your face plants on the floor. Or mixing your words together because your incredibly productive brain works way faster than your mouth does. Stumbling is now something you do online. Isn't that great?! No one can see you do it, and you won't get made fun of for the rest of the day. Just kidding. Stumble Upon is a website that I have been seeing a lot of in blogs recently and so I decided to stumble with the masses. You simply sign up (for free) and you are given a huge checklist. Select all of the stuff that seems interesting to you and hit the stumble button. This site will pull stuff from all over the web that match the criteria you selected. If you like the page that you "stumbled upon", then give it a thumbs up and it will be kept in your favorites. Ready to move on to another site? Just hit the "stumble" button. It is a great way to find new sites that fit your interests, and can entertain you for quite awhile. Here are a couple of sites that I "stumbled upon" today.

This chick makes math seem AWESOME!  Vi Hart's personal blog about how cool math really is, with videos to prove it

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity This is a presentation on TED Talks, those are always addicting. This one is about 20 minutes of insight into how important the arts are to education.

And now I want to make one of these A trash to treasure, DIY project that is perfect for anyone who has a little girl.


  1. Thanks for following me and commenting on my Budding Chefs post. I am now following back. I love StumbleUpon but don't just go stumbling very often. I'm off to check out the links you shared, thanks! You should give your stumbleupon id so we can be friends there. I'm callista83

  2. Hi, oh, I recently signed up for Stumble -- I'm still trying to figure it out. lol Anyway, I'm your newest follower from the hop. Have a great weekend & happy hopping ☺ {homeschool} {crafts, recipes and more}

  3. Just wanted to thank you for following me and joining the Explore, Play & Learn Weekend Blog Hop! Sorry it has taken so long to return the has been crazy these past couple months! Please join us again this weekend for another Hop!!

  4. I signed up for Stumble Upon ages ago, but forget to utilize it. Thanks for the reminder of what a great tool it can be!

  5. Oh Wow! That Trash to Treasure project is AWESOME!!!!