Friday, March 11, 2011

Did You Know the Space Station Was THAT Big?

The space station has been in the news lately for it's recent appearance in the night sky. I distinctly remember learning about the Space Station in middle school. As a day dreamer I marveled at it's endless possibilities. Over the years, several news stories had caught my attention about all the goings-on up there. There seems to always be a special mission to make repairs, run experiments, or replenish supplies. Even with all the news coverage about the space station, my mental image always stayed the same. That little mental image seems crazy to me now, as I know nothing ever stays the same. Just in case your mental image of the space station is still as it was years ago, here is a link to update that little picture in your brain.

USA Today : International Space Station

The sight also provides a time line of all the additions, and you can click on specific parts for more info on the purpose and other details. Interesting info for a nerd like me :)

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