Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Library Day

We picked a great day to go to our local library! Today was part of the summer program for kids and it was so cute! They read a story to the kids which was extremely predictable, and they would ask the kids what was going to happen next. It was absolutely adorable to see how excited the kids were when they got it right! Then they had a Spanish teacher who taught the kids simple phrases and had the kids repeat the alphabet after her. Alexis apparently is fluent in Spanish (probably from watching Dora and Diego) and she spoke so clearly you could swear she was born across the border. The teacher was so excited with how well she pronounced the words, and I was so proud of my little girl! After the lessons, they served snacks and I quickly signed up for a library card and left our info with the librarian so we can be notified about any future lessons. The librarian mentioned a paint day. . . you know we will be there for that! On our way out of the library, there was a huge box of free books! A trip to library could not possibly be any better than the one we had today!

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