Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Bug Days of Summer

Alexis loves bugs (especially rollie pollies)! She had a small bug house for about a year now, it has seen better days and hardly seemed fair to the little bugs that would get shoved in there. So we decided it was time for an upgrade. Aunt Erica was kind enough to give Alexis an old aquarium that was sure to turn into a fun summer project. The terrarium transformation began with a scenic landscape that any bug could appreciate. Custom designed by Crawfish Pie herself.

We have plenty of old cardboard from used boxes and Mommy cut a piece to fit the back of the aquarium. Please excuse the swim suit and ratty hair, we started painting after a long day outside.

 She had to make sure the shade of blue was just right for the sky. She is learning that you can make new colors by mixing two colors together, she is always excited too see how it turns out!

 The next day, there was more work to do for the bug house. We dug up lots of dirt from the yard, which of course came with worms and rollie pollies! YAY! 

Alexis handpicked only the best plants and weeds for the bugs new home. Such love and dedication.

Once the dirty work was done, we decided it was time to put on Alexis' custom art work.

I think the bugs will love their new home. Frogs and lizards coming soon!


  1. It's so pretty I wouldn't mind living there myself, Alexis! :-) Aunt Martha

  2. I have a prize for you! Go check out my post